April 7, 2012

Hi Pals! Gizzie is doing well today and was able to come home! She was still not eating much at the vet, but they think she was probably homesick and a little scared. I paid Gizzie's bill this morning (minus the amount for a dental cleaning, which CorgiPals does not cover) in the amount of $1,358.66 using the reserve funds we had in our bank account. I used these funds for Gizzie because this was an emergency situation. Donations are still being accepted in Gizzie's name to help us refill our reserve fund for future Corgis in need. We are so glad Gizzie is feeling better! You can also follow her progress on her Facebook page.

April 6, 2012

Gizzie's Mom, Cindy, just posted this update on Gizzie's Facebook page. Great news!!

"Just talked to the vet and her temperature went up a degree, great sign. She went for a walk after we left around 4 with the vet and seemed stronger then before. Her temp with up without the heating pad which is great news. If she keeps improving like she is, she should be coming home tomorrow morning. I was in pins and needles siting here almost in complete tears thinking the worst. Brian had to calm me down. I feel so much relieved, but will feel better when she's home."

Gizzie's Story

April 6, 2012

Gizmo Ann Tuomala, AKA Gizzie, has been very sick this week. She was not eating, pooping, or playing, just drinking. Corgi Mom Cindy rushed her to the vet... and just in time it seems! On Thursday, little Gizzie had emergency surgery to remove her uterus because it was severely infected as a result of pyometra. The vet posted a short album with pictures from the surgery on Facebook if you are interested in seeing the severity of the situation, but please be warned that these images are a bit graphic

Gizzie is still at the vet as of right now. She will be staying over one more night, as they are trying to keep her temperature stable and get her strength back up. Her family went to visit her today and took a video of their visit with her. We hope she can come home tomorrow, but it all depends on how stable she is at that time. We are trying to stay positive for Gizzie and her family. I will keep everyone posted with updates as I receive them!

I have spoken to the vet every day since Gizzie was admitted, and today they were able to give me an approximate total for her surgery of $1,350. This maybe fluctuate a bit between now and tomorrow morning depending on how she does over night, but they are confident that the cost should not change much.

Thank you to everyone has contacted me about Gizzie. I hope we can all rally together to spread the word about this sweet baby and give her family some piece of mind during this very difficult and emotional time.

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